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Ocean CDR and MRV

Ocean CDR and MRV

Organizations are exploring different ways to use the vastness and power of the ocean to remove atmospheric CO2.

These promising mCDR pathways include:

    • Kelp and seaweed cultivation

    • Ocean alkalinity enhancement

    • Direct ocean capture

    • Phytoplankton blooms

    • and more…

These solutions have enormous potential as carbon dioxide removal (CDR) pathways. They also face substantial challenges. Suppliers must show CDR potential at scale in hostile and complex environments. To establish themselves as legitimate carbon credit suppliers organizations must satisfy stringent measurement, reporting, and validation (MRV) requirements.

We work with ocean CDR suppliers, scientific bodies, and carbon credit certification organizations. Together, we develop the methodology and data collection tools needed to demonstrate CDR, satisfy MRV requirements, and turn sequestration activities into valuable, durable, quality carbon credits.

Carbon Credits and Commoditization

Carbon Credits and Commoditization

Carbon markets and carbon credit exchanges are seeing rapid growth. More and more institutions are looking for quality carbon offsets to satisfy their carbon net-zero commitments. CDR suppliers are looking for buyers of the credits they produce. Nonetheless, a lack of clear standards and limited transparency creates challenges for both buyers and sellers of carbon credits.

As part of our measurement, reporting, and validation (MRV) services we define clear requirements and standards for turning sequestration data into certified carbon credits. We package the discrete data sets, along with the methodology description into collections that show verified and certified tons of carbon removal.

These self-describing packages are rated for durability. They are then ready for any carbon market, web3 exchange, or direct purchase. By packaging the supporting data, methodology, and certification we eliminate the guesswork and streamline the exchange process.

By standardizing the process of defining and rating carbon credits, we can commoditize the process and create opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

And Much More…

And Much More…

We want mCDR companies to be able to focus on getting carbon out of the air. We want to be your partners and offer you the services you’ll need to succeed and grow. 

Our services include:

      • mCDR MRV methodology development
      • MRV project planning and implementation
      • Research and scientific collaboration
      • MRV data standards development
      • MRV data collection systems and integration
      • Data assessment, verification, and packaging
      • Carbon market systems integration
      • Carbon offset purchase agreement guidance and assistance
      • Grant application collaboration and assistance
      • Public-private partnership formation and delivery
      • And more…